FireRO services

We offer a range of fire protection, fire safety and fire engineering consultancy services. We can help you to identify steps you can take to make your business as fire safe as possible.

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​Fire risk assessments

We can help your business identify the likely fire hazards, evaluate the chance of fire breaking out and the potential consequences.

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Fire safety consultancy

We can help you to identify steps you can take to make your business as fire safe as possible.

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​Fire safety auditing

Our experts can help you to identify any fire safety issues or risks within your organiation.

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Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Services

We are able to conduct inspections, equipment maintenance as well as end-to-end functional tests of fire protection, detection and suppression systems.

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Fire detection and protection system design and implementation

Designing and implementing fire detection and protection systems involves creating comprehensive solutions to identify and mitigate fire risks, safeguarding lives and property.

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Supplying of fire and safety equipment

We are providing fire and safety equipment involves furnishing essential tools and devices to ensure preparedness and protection against potential fire hazards.


Safety sign design and installation

Designing and installing safety signs involves creating visually effective communication tools to convey important information and promote adherence to safety protocols in specific environments.

health safety

Health & safety advice and audits

We can review and produce up to date H&S policies, Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Risk Assessment Templates to ensure you are compliant with health and safety law.

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Business continuity services

Our painless and affordable business continuity service helps to ensure your business can continue delivery of products or services following a disruptive incident.

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Fire Extinguisher Refiling

We are offering professional fire extinguisher refilling services to maintain equipment integrity and readiness in combating fire emergencies.


Fire Hydrant & Other Protection Systems Inspection and Service

Providing thorough inspection and servicing of fire hydrants and other protection systems to ensure optimal functionality and readiness in safeguarding against potential fire hazards.