​About us

Safety Health and Environmental Solution Providers (SHESPRO) was established with the noble idea of helping Sri Lankan Industries and service industry to ensure effective utilization of resources for higher degree in operational excellence so that your organization could be highly competitive in local market as well as in overseas through world renowned best practices, management systems and industrial engineering applications.

SHESPRO is a specialist consultancy service provider in the field of Industrial engineering, Manufacturing Management, Health Safety Management, Environment Management, Water, Wastewater treatment, Management System Certification, Waste Management Solutions, Environment Assessments and Green Reporting.

Our strategy is to work together in order to provide complete solution for industries while improving the productivity, conservation of environment and savings through waste elimination, reduction or control. we also provide customized services to the industrial sector to enhance their productivity by upgrading manufacturing process, environment, quality. safety and engineering performance.

​Our Vision

Empowering Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Culture for Excellence!

​Our Mission

To develop Leaders and Talents to create positive HSE influence in Organizations.

​Professional Services

Consultancy for system certifications according to the International Management Systems standards ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000, ISO 22000, ISO 50000 etc.

Conducting independent third party audits

Conducting Cleaner Production audits in order to identify waste streams and source of reduction

Conducting training programs on best practices such as 53, Total quality Management, Total productive maintenance, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment Management, Energy Management , Resources conservation.

Designing, constructions and commissioning turnkey systems for wastewater, sewerage treatment plants as well as drinking water treatment systems

Re-engineering of manufacturing systems

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

Environmental Audit

Occupational Safety and Health Audit

Policy and Legislative Compliance Application

​Service focused areas

Scope of work

☞ Fire and Safety Consultancy.

☞ Fire equipment inspection and Services.

☞ Fire Protection System Design.

☞ Supplying Fire and Safety equipment.

☞ Firefighting training.

☞ Hazard identification and Risk Assessment.

☞ Safety Audits.

Scope features

☞ On site refilling.

☞ Supplying fire extinguishers on lease or rental basis.

☞ On line status monitoring system for your own fire system.

☞ Designing fire systems as per NFPA standard.

Our Major Projects

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NFPA Member

​Our Clients