Fire Extinguisher inspection and services

All the fire system required routing inspection and update to avoid the malfunctioning during at an emergency situations. As per the CIDA regulations and requirements of Colombo fire department that all the fire systems should undergo periodical inspection as well as annual certification or function test be confirmed their function ability.

Therefore FireRO technical team is expert on this routing inspection as well as annual function test. If any fault found our team can undertake the repair and service.  However if your system has to be serviced by the authorized dealer or the representative we will not undertake such systems.

Our inspection services extended,

  • Fire Extinguisher monthly inspection
  • Fire Extinguisher annual certification
  • Fire Extinguisher hydrostatic pressure test
  • All kind of fire extinguisher refilling
  • Fire alarm system maintenance, function test (only for open protocol)
  • Inspection of sprinkler system
  • Inspection of suppression system
  • Fire Extinguisher refilling and recharging.


Fire extinguisher inspection

Our fire technicians will visit your organization on requested frequency and inspect all the fire extinguishers and update their conditions. (By defined frequency, example Annual, Bi annual, Quarter annual, Monthly, etc.)

This service includes,

  • Issue a condition (inspection) report within 4 working days mentioning the status of all fire extinguishers each visit.
  • Third party Annual certificate for refilled fire extinguishers by us.
  • CO2 extinguisher weight monitoring
  • Pressure inspection of the Dry Chemical, Water, FOAM extinguishers.
  • DCP extinguisher powder condition and shake the extinguisher.
  • Un attended usage inspection, Dust cleaning, fire point and Clean extinguishers to remove dirt, grease or foreign material. Check to make sure that the instruction sticker is legible.
  • Inspect the cylinder for corrosion, abrasion, dents or weld damage. If any of these conditions are found and doubt the integrity of the cylinder arrange for hydrostatically test, using the proof pressure method and a suitable cage.
  • Inspect ring pin for freedom of movement. Replace if bent or if removal appears difficult. Inspect discharge lever for dirt or corrosion that might impair freedom of movement. Inspect carrying handle for proper installation.
  • Remove hose & nozzle assembly. Inspect hose gasket (o-ring), hose and nozzle assembly for damage, replace as necessary.
  • Examine the air pressurizing valve for damage. The cap should be in place to prevent leaking. Inspect the valve assembly for corrosion or damage to hose thread connections. Replace valve assembly or component parts as necessary following the proper depressurization and recharge procedures.
  • Install new tamper seal if broken and make sure service information sticker (current/ next service) is available and visible, if not replace. Rehang the extinguisher on the wall hanger bracket making sure that it fits the hanger bracket properly – replace the bracket if necessary.
  • Updating the inspection tag (on our sticker -Inspected date and next inspection date.)
  • Replacement of fire extinguisher on loan basis until refiled extinguisher return to fire point.
  • Survey the existing fire extinguisher layout plan and identify the gaps and report the Recommendations required.
  • Identify the newly emerged fire risk areas at site and provide recommendations with a proposal.
  • This inspection will be conducted with participate your person.

NOTE: Spare parts will be added cost.