Fire Hydrant & Other Protection Systems

Our fire technicians will visit your organization on requested frequency and inspect all the pillar hydrants and hose reels update their conditions. (By defined frequency, example Annual, Bi annual, Quarter annual, etc.)

This service includes,

  • Check condition of pillar hydrants, valve operation, water leaks from gland rubber bush, service
  • Condition of fire hose, fixing stability of coupling, leaks, pressure holding and testing, cleaning
  • Condition of fire hose cabinet and jet spray nozzles.
  • Check condition of hose reels, nozzles, valve leaks, testing, service and cleaning.
  • Check condition of hydrant pipe network, condition of isolation valves, damage and corrosion, outlets tightness with hose threads in good condition and free from damage
  • Check for the fire hydrant been fully opened and water flowed until all foreign material have cleared for a duration of not less than one minute.
  • Check Isolate valves to check ease of operation and replace if necessary.
  • All hydrants are properly lubricated to ensure that all stems, caps, plugs, and threads are in proper operating condition
  • Pump house inspection and monitoring and preventive services
  • Test Fire pumps and main delivery pumps for correct operation as per pressure settings.
  • Test, adjust and calibration (if required) pressure switches/differential pressure switches.
  • Inspect the fire pump control panel containing electrical components such as circuit breaker, switches, relays and other devices for smooth operation.
  • Condition of water sump and capacity
  • Issue a condition (inspection) report within 4 working days mentioning the status of all pillar hydrant, hose reels, pump house on each visit.

NOTE: Spare parts will be added cost.